midweek confessions

~ Remember how I mentioned a few weeks ago that I wanted to start waking up earlier?  And then do you remember me mentioning it was a big FAIL because I was trying to wake up at 6:15 which is after Mark leaves for work?  Turns out 5:45 is the key.  Ironically, if I wake up 30 minutes sooner.. it's MUCH easier.  I know the reason and it's because of how I function.  I am a morning person in the sense that once I wake up I am awake for good.  The biggest hurdle for me is actually sitting up and not rolling over.  By forcing myself out of bed when Mark's alarm clock goes off and onto the couch .. it guarantees that I will stay awake.  Then, by the time Mark is leaving for work, I am wide awake.  After that .. working out is a breeze because there is no reason NOT to.  I still haven't broken the 2-week mark so I'm not home free yet.  If I can manage to keep consistent then I will be good to go.  Here's to hoping..

~ My birthday was on Saturday.  I love my birthday and I love getting older.  I think I am one of the few that is excited by the idea.  I think I am looking forward to the big 3-0 like most people look forward to 21.  Even though it's given me a ton to think about, I know this will be an awesome year.  I can't wait.
~ I'm a little anti-Valentine's Day.  Is that bad?  (No offense to those people that love the roses, chocolate and hoopla ..)  I don't know how I originally got the bad taste in my mouth.  I always got my fair share of classroom valentine's and then went on dates once I became older.  I think it's just when I realized what love truly meant to me, I realized Valentine's Day, a day when I feel forced to proclaim my feelings in a very specific way, felt fake. 
     I want to tell you how much I love you because it's Tuesday .. because I can .. because you deserve to know that you were on my mind and I needed to share. And NOT because the calendar comes with a heart icon on this day .. everyone else is getting presents so I feel obligated to keep up .. or because it's required in any way.  That may sound pessimistic but it's how I feel.  It also seems entirely unfair that all the pressure is on the guys.  What about the girls?  Shouldn't men feel loved, too?  If you are my friend or family and you are reading this .. know that I love you.  I love you every day of the year.  Not just because I am told to.
~ On a little lighter note .. my work did celebrate V-Day by having everyone bring food to share.  I tasted the fondue and chips and fruit.  It was all delicious.  Then I spotted a crockpot full of cheesy goodness.  It had what looked like hot sauce floating through it.  In my mind I thought "spicy cheese dip!" and dug right in.  It wasn't until halfway through that someone pointed out to me that it was Buffalo Chicken Dip.  Oops.  I only had a few tablespoons of it left .. and you know what?  I ate it and I don't regret it.  A little bit won't kill me and it was SO good.  I don't miss meat (except sometimes bacon .. just saying) but man that particular flavor can not found elsewhere. yum yum!

~ When I get really animated I talk so fast that sometimes I get out of breath. haha. Seriously.  This happens most often when I talk to one of my friends at work, Allie.  She talks fast too but not like me.  Well, actually, maybe she does but she sounds normal-paced to me.  The thing is that, in my head, I say everything clearly so when people make me repeat myself it takes me a second to realize why.  I think everyone around me has gotten so good at decoding what I say that I just don't pay attention.  Mark has had to ask me to repeat myself a lot lately and THAT is bad.  He practically knows what I say before I say it so if he can't figure it out .. I'm in trouble.  I should probably start to work on that ...

Do you wake up early and work out?  Did you celebrate Valentine's and think I'm just a big Scrooge? Has the holiday had you eating things you normally avoid?  Are you a fast talker or have some other habit you need to work on?  Let me know so I can feel a little bit more normal ;)

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