HWE's Quarterly Book Review

I am an avid reader.  It's one of my favorite ways to relax.  It's my brain escape.  If I had to give up cable there would be only a couple of shows on TV that I would truly miss.  Make me give up books?  That would break my heart.

When I say I read a lot .. let me define that for you.  As of today, not even two weeks into March, I have read 26 books this year.  Yep, you read that right.  Twenty-six books since January 1st.  When do I have the time?!?  I read mostly during my lunch breaks at work which gives me five solid hours a week.  Then I read a little here and there at night and on the weekends. My nose isn't constantly in a book though .. I promise ;)  Keep in mind, too, that all the books I read are not necessarily that taxing AND I'm a naturally fast reader. I can get through a light read in two days.  When you add it up .. you can see why the number is so high.  I'm not that crazy.

I understand that most people are not like me.  Reading a book is a commitment; sometimes a couple weeks, sometimes a couple months.  It can also be overwhelming to try and figure out what to read next. What do I do? Good Reads**. I've promoted Good Reads before and I will do it again.  Good Reads is a social networking site designed with the reader in mind.  It has millions of books, reviews, and discussions at the ready.  Not sure if you want to invest your money or time on a book?  Research it beforehand!  I rate every book I read and try to review most of them.  You can sign up and follow my reviews to keep up in real time. The mentionable ones that I manage to write a review on will end up posted on HWE.  I can't post them all though so I thought a "Best of the Best" sort of summation would be ideal. 

Welcome to a new series I'm calling "HWE's Quarterly Book Review"! 

Four times a year, I will make a short list of recommended reads and give you a quick summary. I will try to span several genres so I can have a little bit of somethin' somethin' for everyone.  Did you read a book on my list?  Did you like it as much as I did?  Did you hate it?  Is there a book I haven't read that you recommend?  I would love to hear from you!  Consider this a VERY spaced out book club.  We only meet four times a year. :) Hopefully I can incorporate some giveaways as well.  Everyone loves a free book, right!?

The first review should be coming up in a couple weeks.  Check back in and let the bookworm fun begin!  (haha could I get any cheesier?!  Nope, I didn't think so either.)

** Good Reads did not pay me to endorse them.  I just give them repeated shout outs because I like them that much.  Just wanted to clarify....

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