The CORRECT Way to Use Bobby Pins

Did you know there is a CORRECT way to use bobby pins?  There is!  When inserting a bobby pin into your hair, whether it be into a messy updo or to pin back your bangs ... the wavy side should be facing towards your scalp and the smooth side should be exposed.

I feel like this is a giant DUH! for me and yet I have been doing it wrong for so many years.

The reason to do it this way is because the hair closer to your scalp (base of updo, etc.) is anchored more firmly and therefore the squigly part of the pin, which is meant to grab the hair, has something firmer to hold on it.  Not to mention the smooth side of the bobby pin is nicer to look at!

So go ahead .. try it!  Does it feel more secure?  Do you require less pins to hold your hair up?  Have you been doing it this way for years and I am the only person just now figuring this out?  Let me know!


  1. This is really funny, because, thanks to the presence of a 9-yr-old girl here, we actually have hairstyle how-to books in this house. They say to flip the pins the other way. I guess it's like the toilet paper roll question. (Which isn't one, really, because it goes OVER.) ;)

  2. Who knew? I rarely put my hair up (because I am terrible at it) but I may give it another go using bobby pins this way to see if it works better!


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